They completely refurbished the pool and spa, including plumbing, structural repair, rock work, tiling, electrical, and plastering. Additionally, they repaired several portions of the patio, which is oovered in pavers thai needed to be re-graded after years of water penetration and pressure from large polled plants had created numerous depressions. Finally, they built a new enclosure for Ihe equipment near the pool. Some of the specialty work was subcontracted but he coordinated everything. We inherited a house with a pool that had deteriorated completely. It is a large pool (20'x50') with a comparatively small hot tub (not a spa because there were no jets). By the time we were able to Invest in the pool. it was in need of basically everything. Greg Bennett was actually recommended by a plasterer he worked with, who was recommended by the pool service my relatives had used. He was professional from the start, providing written estimates that included options with different prices (very helpful). We were notified of his schedule. workers showed up when expected, work was completed on-time as much as I remember. As issues came up, he was very open and upfront with us. The electrical for the existing light was a nightmare, so they sealed It Off and gave us a new light more centrally located in the pool. The old plumbing configuration did not provide enough circulation for the size of the pool so they added more lines, including lines into the hot tub to make it a spa. The gas line to the heater needed to be replaced and they handled it within the day. His expertise and experience was invaluable, as he was able to offer solutions with every problem that arose, and usually with options 50 we could weigh the costs and benefits. Also each additional job came with a new quote or a revision to the original quote. He also apologized with every problem as he said he strives to include everything upfront. I feel confident that the problems that arose were either outside the scope of his original work or could not be identified at the beginning, but it was nice that he was aware and cared that our costs went up as the job progressed. As for the creative choices, he came through with cost effective solutions so that we could afford the pebble-tech finish we wanted, and he helped us pick the color based on previous jobs. The finish looks gray and black (with many highlights) but once the water went in it looked beautiful blue. just as he had described it. We would not have had the courage to choose that color ourselves but it came out great.

When it came to the patio repair, he actually came up with an idea to build planters into the patio where the big pots had been, offering a clean solution to the clutter of the pots but also recreating the barrier they had made between the upper and lower levels. It was a simple but elegant solution and probably my favorite part of the landscaping now.

We only had one issue. The fence around the equipment wasn't built to the specs we requested, but he offered to redo it and we decided we would live with it for a while (turns out a year later that though it is not perfect, it is probably more functional than what we had in mind). Bottom line, he was professional from start to finish and delivered a pool and spa that surpassed our expectations.

I would definitely hire them again!!

Christopher M Easley

Pacific Palisades

May 21, 2010